Special cabin at 8.10 am for ski tourers

Access is subject to reservation and compliance with the safety guidelines. Only during weekends from March 4th until May 7th 2023, depending on weather conditions.

For ski tourers, it is possible to take a special cabin at 8.10 am. Priority will be given to si tourers accompanied by a mountain guide.

Reservations must be made in advance by phone or email, at the latest the day before at 4.00 PM, at the Col du Pillon cash desk.

Tickets can be purchased one day in advance (until 4:00 pm) at the Col du Pillon cash desk or the same morning at the Col du Pillon vending machine (credit card only).

This access to the mountain area (Scex Rouge - Glacier itinerary only) outside of operating hours is only possible if the following guidelines are respected:

  • No freeriding under the cable car
  • No access to the Peak Walk by Tissot
  • No exit at the middle station Cabane
  • Restaurant / toilets closed
  • No departure without the agreement of the patroller
  • Obligation to wait for the patrollers in front of the shop stairs and to follow their instructions. The patrollers take care of the supervision until the Audon pass.

Cash desk Col du Pillon : +41 24 492 33 77 / kasse@glacier3000.ch


Cable Cars

closed Tunnel


in preparation Col du Pillon - Cabane

Col du Pillon - Cabane

in preparation Cabane - Scex Rouge

Cabane - Scex Rouge

closed Glacier - Scex Rouge

Glacier - Scex Rouge

closed Oldenalp - Oldenegg

Oldenalp - Oldenegg

closed Oldenegg - Cabane

Oldenegg - Cabane

closed Dôme


closed Tsanfleuron


closed Quille du Diable

Quille du Diable

closed Borer Scex Rouge

Borer Scex Rouge

closed Col d'Audon

Col d'Audon


 Max. -4.3°C
 Min. -11.1°C

Today Sunday (Scex Rouge, 2971m)

  Maximum Wind Peak 44.4 km/h  
  Rain 0.4 l/m²
  Fresh snow 0 cm
  Amount of snow 250 cm
Mo 27.03.23
 Max. -9.9°C
 Min. -15.3°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 55.7 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
Tu 28.03.23
 Max. -5.8°C
 Min. -15.8°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 58.0 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
We 29.03.23
 Max. -1.5°C
 Min. -5.9°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 73.7 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
Th 30.03.23
 Max. -1.3°C
 Min. -4.7°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 76.1 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
Fr 31.03.23
 Max. -2.7°C
 Min. -5.7°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 86.5 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
In preparation
Last Update: 26.03.2023 - 16:55