Operating Hours and Installations

Let the fun begin! In this overview you will find all the operating hours and season dates for all Glacier 3000 runs and installations.

Summer season 2018
Summer season
14.05. - 23.09.2018
Aerial ropeways Col du Pillon - Cabane - Scex Rouge /
Chairlift Ice Express
Ride of 15 minutes from Col du Pillon - Scex Rouge
daily 9am – 4.50 p.m.*, every 20 min.
(*last descente from Scex Rouge)
Aerial ropeway Reusch - Oldenegg
21.07. - 19.08.2018
daily 9am - 4.40p.m.*, every 20 min.
(*last descente from Oldenegg)
Installation maintenance 2018 — all facilities closed
Installation maintenance 2018
24.09. - 2.11.2018
Alpine Coaster
Operates daily from May to October as per the opening times of the Col du Pillon - Scex Rouge aerial ropeways and subject to weather conditions (after heavy snowfall and in high winds, the Alpine Coaster may be closed).
Closed during the winter months.
Snow Bus
08.05. - 08.10.2017 for individual guests
12:30 p.m.: valley station of Scex Rouge chairlift - Quille du Diable
1:30 p.m. + 4 p.m.: Quille du Diable - valley station of Scex Rouge chairlift
10:00 a.m. - 4 p.m.: short roundtrips possible
Reservation required for groups.
In winter, it only operates on request. Reservation required.

Descent at the valley station of the Scex Rouge chairlift
(tour on the glacier approx. 15 minutes).
Restaurant Botta

Restaurant Botta is open daily unless the aerial ropeways are not operating.

Snow Park

November to December 2018: open from 9 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. (subject to snow conditions).

Cross-country skiing

The cross-country ski run on the glacier is open from June to December (subject to snow conditions). Groups on request.


 The fun park is open daily (subject to snow conditions).

Cable Cars

Here you can see which cable cars are currently in operation.

4/10 Installations
In operation

Cable cars: 3/3
Chairlifts: 1/3
Ski lifts: 0/4

Reusch - Oldenegg
Col du Pillon - Cabane
Cabane - Scex Rouge
Oldenegg - Cabane
 Out of service
Oldenalp - Oldenegg
 Out of service
Glacier - Scex Rouge
 Out of service
Quille du Diable
 Out of service
 Out of service
 Out of service