Weather and Snow Conditions


 Max. 14.6°C
 Min. -6.1°C

Today Sunday (Scex Rouge, 2971m)

 Wind 13.1 km/h
Quellenangabe: meteo centrale
 Rain 0.2 l/m²
 Fresh snow 40 cm
 Amount of snow 156 cm
Mo 06.12.21
 Max. -11.8°C
 Min. -16.4°C
 Wind 18.7 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
Tu 07.12.21
 Max. -5.9°C
 Min. -14.7°C
 Wind 40.7 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
We 08.12.21
 Max. -7.0°C
 Min. -13.6°C
 Wind 19.6 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
Th 09.12.21
 Max. -13.5°C
 Min. -15.4°C
 Wind 22.0 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
Fr 10.12.21
 Max. -11.3°C
 Min. -13.8°C
 Wind 19.6 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²

Snow Conditions and Sports Information

Glacier 3000 is a glacier area – and is guaranteed to have snow from October to May. This plan shows you how much snow there is, as well as which runs and installations are open.

Snow report

156 cm

Snow depth slopes


Snow quality


Last snowfall

New snow on the slopes (24h): 40 cm

Slope report

0/28 km

All slope closed


All installations closed


Slope condition

Valley run condition: closed

Cross-country ski report

0/7 km

Classical cross-country trail (Condition: closed)

0/7 km

Skating trail (Condition: closed)

Altitude of cross-country trail network: - metres above sea level


in preparation

Peak Walk by Tissot

Alpine Coaster

in preparation

Fun Park