Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-Country Skiing in Switzerland

Usually things that are healthy are not necessarily fun. Not so with cross-country skiing! This winter sport is a true turbo booster for the whole body – and is relaxing in an astounding manner. When you move around in the fresh air on your cross-country skis and take in the spectacular surrounding scenery, stress and hectic have a way of disappearing on their own. Anybody can learn how to cross-country ski, women and men, young and old. And one thing is certain: this winter sport does not only make you fit – but also happy.

Classical Cross-Country Skiing and Skating at 3’000 metres

The approximately 7 km trail at almost 3’000 metres covers most of the Tsanfleuron Glacier surface. As one of the few cross-country areas in Europe, Glacier 3000 has a well-prepared trail from April through December depending on snow conditions. Many cross-country and biathlon professionals take advantage of this ideal training opportunity in the middle of a fascinating panorama.


  • Prepared trail from April to December (July – September upon request)
  • Groups upon request
  • Subject to snow conditions




Peak Walk by Tissot suspension bridge

open View Point

View Point

open Funpark Glacier 3000

Funpark Glacier 3000

closed Alpine Coaster Glacier 3000 (Sommerrodelbahn)

Alpine Coaster Glacier 3000

open Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata "Le Rocher jaune"

open Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata "Dames Anglaises"

open Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata "La Cascade"

open Watch and Souvenir Shop

Watch and Souvenir Shop


 Max. 9.2°C
 Min. 3.4°C

Today Saturday (Scex Rouge, 2971m)

  Maximum Wind Peak 33.3 km/h  
  Rain 0.0 l/m²
  Fresh snow 0 cm
  Amount of snow 30 cm
Su 01.10.23
 Max. 12.6°C
 Min. 6.4°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 33.5 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
Mo 02.10.23
 Max. 11.6°C
 Min. 8.0°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 54.6 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
Tu 03.10.23
 Max. 7.6°C
 Min. 3.4°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 64.4 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
We 04.10.23
 Max. 6.5°C
 Min. 1.9°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 41.5 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
Th 05.10.23
 Max. 6.0°C
 Min. 2.9°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 50.0 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
In preparation
Last Update: 29.09.2023 - 05:05