Dogsled Rides

An Adventure with Huskies

On four paws through the snow: The Huskies are at home in the white splendor. The whole pack enjoys moving around in the snow – and this joy is contagious and felt by everyone watching them play in the snow. Even better is a ride on a dogsled through the unique alpine area of Glacier 3000. The Huskies pull you through the beautiful glacier landscape and allow you to have a very special experience.

Reservation mandatory. Other dates possible depending on the musher's availabilities.

The activity will be available when the conditions allow it. Please check daily opening.



in preparation

Peak Walk by Tissot suspension bridge

in preparation View Point

View Point

closed due tu atmosphere Funpark Glacier 3000

Funpark Glacier 3000

closed danger of storm Glacier Walk

Glacier Walk

closed due tu atmosphere Schlittenhunde

Dog sledge ride

closed due tu atmosphere Watch and Souvenir Shop

Watch and Souvenir Shop


 Max. -4.3°C
 Min. -11.1°C

Today Monday (Scex Rouge, 2971m)

  Maximum Wind Peak 38.9 km/h  
  Rain 0.2 l/m²
  Fresh snow 0 cm
  Amount of snow 250 cm
Tu 28.03.23
 Max. -9.5°C
 Min. -15.3°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 54.6 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
We 29.03.23
 Max. -5.6°C
 Min. -15.7°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 57.8 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
Th 30.03.23
 Max. -1.4°C
 Min. -5.4°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 77.6 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
Fr 31.03.23
 Max. -1.1°C
 Min. -5.6°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 79.1 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
Sa 01.04.23
 Max. -2.5°C
 Min. -6.0°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 100.4 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
In preparation
Last Update: 26.03.2023 - 16:55