Glacier Walk

A secured hike taking you across crevasses and turqoise water of melting ice, to a pleasant surprise at the opposite side!

From the Col du Pillon the cable car takes you comfortably up to Glacier 3000. The walk begins directly at the Scex Rouge mountain station. Those who prefer to take it a bit easier, can take the Ice Express chairlift to the glacier and can begin their walk in the snow from there.


The goal of the Glacier Walk, which takes about an hour, is the Restaurant Refuge l'Espace on the edge of the glacier by Quille du Diable. It offers a wonderful view down into the Derborence Valley and Valais - and the many delicious menus promise a culinary delight of a top quality. Those who feel revitalized, and full of energy after the meal can walk back to Scex Rouge.

3 km
1 h
All year
A leisurely walk on a secured trail



in preparation

Peak Walk by Tissot suspension bridge

in preparation View Point

View Point

closed due tu atmosphere Funpark Glacier 3000

Funpark Glacier 3000

closed danger of storm Glacier Walk

Glacier Walk

closed due tu atmosphere Schlittenhunde

Dog sledge ride

closed due tu atmosphere Watch and Souvenir Shop

Watch and Souvenir Shop


 Max. -4.3°C
 Min. -11.1°C

Today Monday (Scex Rouge, 2971m)

  Maximum Wind Peak 38.9 km/h  
  Rain 0.2 l/m²
  Fresh snow 0 cm
  Amount of snow 250 cm
Tu 28.03.23
 Max. -9.5°C
 Min. -15.3°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 54.6 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
We 29.03.23
 Max. -5.6°C
 Min. -15.7°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 57.8 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
Th 30.03.23
 Max. -1.4°C
 Min. -5.4°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 77.6 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
Fr 31.03.23
 Max. -1.1°C
 Min. -5.6°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 79.1 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
Sa 01.04.23
 Max. -2.5°C
 Min. -6.0°C
 Maximum Wind Peak 100.4 km/h
 Rain 0.5 l/m²
In preparation
Last Update: 26.03.2023 - 16:55