Conditions for Participation


The organiser of this campaign is Gstaad 3000 AG, Col du Pillon, Route du Pillon 253, CH-1865 Les Diablerets, thereafter known as Glacier 3000.

Eligibility Requirements

Basically everyone over 18 years of age is eligible to participate. Owners, staff and other Glacier 3000 employees and all employees of third party companies involved in carrying out this campaign, as well as people in a living arrangement with the abovementioned persons are excluded from participating. Persons representing someone else are also excluded from participating in the campaign.

Opportunities to Participate

People can only participate by using the hashtag #GLACIER3000 via Instagram or Twitter. The participant thereby declares that he/she has all the rights to the picture/pictures (on a collage) and that no underage persons are shown. All pictures will be displayed on Glacier 3000 reserves the right to delete entries, if it deems the content inappropriate, and to disqualify such entries. It is possible to participate without having to purchase products or services from Glacier 3000.


Upon delivery of the prize, the organiser is released from the legal obligation to provide a prize. A cash payment or transfer of the prize is not possible. The organiser reserves the right to replace the prize with a comparable prize.

The competition begins on 29.10.2015 and ends as soon as 3000 hashtags with #GLACIER3000 have been shared and can be seen on URL Glacier 3000 reserves the right to determine which entries qualify for the 3000 entries and to stop the competition at an arbitrary point before then.

One winner will be selected out of all of the participants. The winner will receive one overnight stay in Hotel Eurotel Victoria (Les Diablerets), double room incl. breakfast and Ski pass for 2 days. The winner must confirm that they won, within 48 hours after being notified, or else another winner will be selected. The winner will either be notified directly per Twitter message or per Direct Message on Instagram, at the latest 3 days after the competition has ended.


Participation in the competition takes place by sharing a picture using the hashtag #GLACIER3000 via Instagram and Facebook. Persons not wishing to participate in the competition can revoke their entry by sending an email to Only public Instagram profiles have the opportunity to participate in the competition. Twitter profiles are always public. The chance to participate in the competition ends as soon as 3000 entries with the hashtag #GLACIER3000 have been shared, as of the starting date 29.10.2015. After the competition is over, one winner will be selected out of all of the participants. The winner will either be notified per message on Twitter or per Direct Message on Instagram. Glacier 3000 reserves the rights to replace the prize with a comparable prize.

Violation of Eligibility Requirements

In case of a violation of the Conditions for Participation, by providing false information, either intentionally or unintentionally, with respect to the eligibility requirements, Glacier 3000 reserves the right to exclude such persons from the campaign. Persons using unauthorized methods or who otherwise seek advantages through manipulation are also automatically excluded from participating. It is also possible that such persons may be denied the prize that was previously awarded to them.

Limited Liability

Glacier 3000 is not liable for damages resulting from mistakes, delays or interruptions in the data transfer, disturbances in technical installations and their services, incorrect content, loss or deletion of data and viruses. Once the prize has been awarded, Glacier 3000 does not assume liability for damages of any kind. Exempt are damages due to violation of life, body and health resulting from an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty through Glacier 3000 or Glacier 3000 auxiliary persons. In this case, the liability is limited to the minimum legal amount.

Cancellation with Respect to Termination of the Campaign

Glacier 3000 reserves the right to cancel or terminate the campaign without prior notice. This especially applies to, but is not limited to, situations in which for technical reasons, e.g. the computer system becomes infected with a virus, manipulation or mistakes in the hardware and/or software or legal reasons that influence or make carrying out the campaign more difficult, or make it impossible to properly carry out the campaign. If the campaign must be cancelled or terminated due to the behaviour of a participant, then Glacier 3000 may demand compensation for losses incurred.


There is no recourse to legal action. No cash disbursement of the prize item is possible. The prize is non-transferrable. Swiss law applies to the Conditions of Participation. If a provision becomes partially or completely ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

Data Protection

Glacier 3000 ensures compliance with the legal requirements of the data protection law and that all – also data relating to persons – data is used for the sole purpose of this campaign and that data is only provided to third parties, in connection with the carrying out this campaign. Glacier 3000 confirms that third parties, through a contractual agreement with Glacier 3000, are in compliance with the legal requirements of the data protection law when processing personal data.

The participant agrees that their data will be electronically processed and transmitted to the agency LOOP New Media GmbH, Siezenheimerstrasse 39c, 5020 Salzburg, which is responsible for the technical handling of the competition. A participant can revoke their agreement regarding data processing at any time by contacting Gstaad 3000 AG, Col du Pillon, Route du Pillon 253, CH-1865 Les Diablerets

Subject to Change

Glacier 3000 reserves the right to change or add to the Conditions of Participation without providing any reason, as along as it is in the interest of simple and safe processing, especially to prevent abuse or if need be for any other reasons.

This promotion is in no way connected to Instagram or Twitter, nor is it sponsored, supported or organised by Instagram or Twitter in any way.