Welcome to Glacier 3000

Ski and pedestrian activities open daily, depending on conditions.

The ski area, the Peak Walk by Tissot suspension bridge, the Glacier Walk, the cross country skiing slopes, the Restaurant le Carnotzet and the Watch & Souvenir Shop are open daily, depending on conditions. Dog sledding is available on reservation here.

The Magic Pass is valid free of charge from November 1 to April 30, and also gives access to pedestrian activities. 

Please check our daily opening times below:


Ouvertures en direct



Peak Walk by Tissot suspension bridge

open View Point

View Point

open Funpark Glacier 3000

Funpark Glacier 3000

closed Glacier Walk

Glacier Walk

in preparation Klassisch 3km

Classic 3km

in preparation Skating 3km

Skating 3km

open Watch and Souvenir Shop

Watch and Souvenir Shop


open Black Wall

114a - Black Wall

open Black Wall part.2

114b - Black Wall part.2

closed Pierres-Pointes Abfahrt

Pierres-Pointes Itinerary

closed Oldenpiste

Olden Slope

closed Red Run

112 - Red Run

closed Martisberg

101 - Martisberg

open Scex Rouge

110 - Scex Rouge

closed Scex Rouge - Croisée

111 - Scex Rouge - Croisée

closed Croisée - Dôme

103 - Croisée - Dôme

closed Dôme

108 - Dôme

closed Dôme - Tsanfleuron

104 - Dôme - Tsanfleuron

closed Tsanfleuron

105 - Tsanfleuron

closed Quille

106 - Quille

closed Yeti

107 - Yeti

closed Retour Scex Rouge

109 - Retour Scex Rouge

closed Reusch

100 - Reusch

closed Snowpark Glacier 3000

Snowpark Glacier 3000

open Espace débutant

Beginners area

Cable Cars

open Tunnel


open Col du Pillon - Cabane

Col du Pillon - Cabane

open Cabane - Scex Rouge

Cabane - Scex Rouge

open Glacier - Scex Rouge

Glacier - Scex Rouge

closed Oldenalp - Oldenegg

Oldenalp - Oldenegg

closed Oldenegg - Cabane

Oldenegg - Cabane

closed Dôme


closed Tsanfleuron


closed Quille du Diable

Quille du Diable

open Borer Scex Rouge

Borer Scex Rouge

closed Col d'Audon

Col d'Audon


open Restaurant le Carnotzet

Restaurant le Carnotzet

open Restaurant Col du Pillon

Restaurant Col du Pillon

closed Refuge de l'Espace

Refuge de l'Espace

open Cabane des Diablerets SAC

Cabane des Diablerets SAC

closed Midbar- Oldenalp

Midbar- Oldenalp

In preparation
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