Welcome to Glacier 3000

Prefer a visit during the week and think about public transportation

First cabin at 9.00 am. The Magic Pass is valid from 12th of November 2022 to 30th of April 2023 and gives access to pedestrian activities too. Risk of strong affluence during the weekends. Prefer a visit during the week and think of the public transport.


Food options at 3000 meters are still limited. A snack bar and a coffee corner in the Watch & Souvenir Shop have been set up. The Restaurant Col du Pillon welcomes you daily and the Refuge l'Espace during the weekends. 

Glacier 3000 Season pass

Since Glacier 3000 is part of the basic offer of the Magic Pass in winter, there is no longer a Glacier 3000 winter pass. From CHF 399.00 you can enjoy the ski season on Glacier 3000 as well as in 52 other ski resorts in Switzerland.

Holders of a Top4 or Gstaad BDG season pass can buy the Glacier 3000 option for CHF 200 (presales price until December the 15th). In case of control, the buyer must be able to present his partner subscription. 


Live openings


open Oldenpiste

Olden Slope

open Red Run

112 - Red Run

open Scex Rouge

110 - Scex Rouge

open Scex Rouge - Croisée

111 - Scex Rouge - Croisée

open Croisée - Dôme

103 - Croisée - Dôme

open Dôme

108 - Dôme

open Dôme - Tsanfleuron

104 - Dôme - Tsanfleuron

open Tsanfleuron

105 - Tsanfleuron

open Quille

106 - Quille

open Retour Scex Rouge

109 - Retour Scex Rouge

open Reusch

100 - Reusch

open Espace débutant

Beginners area

Cable Cars

open Col du Pillon - Cabane

Col du Pillon - Cabane

open Cabane - Scex Rouge

Cabane - Scex Rouge

open Glacier - Scex Rouge

Glacier - Scex Rouge

open Oldenalp - Oldenegg

Oldenalp - Oldenegg

open Oldenegg - Cabane

Oldenegg - Cabane

open Dôme


open Tsanfleuron


open Quille du Diable

Quille du Diable

open Borer Scex Rouge

Borer Scex Rouge

open Col d'Audon

Col d'Audon


open Restaurant Carnotzet

Restaurant Carnotzet

open Watch Shop Café

Watch Shop Café

open Restaurant Col du Pillon

Restaurant Col du Pillon

open Refuge de l'Espace

Refuge de l'Espace

open Cabane des Diablerets SAC

Cabane des Diablerets SAC

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Last Update: 26.01.2023 - 15:30