Black Wall

One of the steepest slopes in the world

With a maximum gradient of 46° (104%) the new "Black Wall" run joins the ranks of the steepest groomed slopes in the world. Thanks to a 265-metre tunnel cut through the mountain, this 3-kilometre descent links the resort’s summit (3,000 m) to the valley station in Col du Pillon (1,546 m).

A steeper run than the Streif or the Lauberhorn ! With the inauguration of the Black Wall, the Glacier 3000 ski resort now has one of the steepest black runs in the world. With a steepest part at 46°, the slope has this particularity of being groomed, making it all the more demanding. Only the expert skiers will be able to tackle this run.

  • Tunnel : 265m long
  • Slope length : 3km
  • Vertical drop: 1'000m
  • Steepest part: 46°



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114a - Black Wall

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114b - Black Wall part.2

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Pierres-Pointes Itinerary

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