Via ferrata Dames anglaises

Moderate fixed rope route near the Pierredar's hut

Difficulty: moderate (K2)
1,5–2 hours

The Dames Anglaises Via Ferrata is rocky and alpine and resembles more a secured climbing passage than a fun via. The route requires climbers to know high-mountain conditions and the corresponding good practices in order to progress up the rock. No need to worry, though. The three English ladies watch over the climbers...

Safety Instructions

To go on the fixed rope route it is essential that one is in good physical shape, sure-footed, free from vertigo, has the appropriate equipment and knowledge about proper conduct on a mountain. It is recommended that a mountain guide accompanies you. Only climb if the weather is good. In case the weather changes or there is a thunderstorm risk, then leave the route. Going on this route is done at your own risk. Glacier 3000 declines any liability.