Dôme Hike

Walk your Worries Off

The ingredients for this unique peak experience are quite simple: a nice wide path, surrounded by stones and large boulders, lots of fresh air – and a stunning view. The Dôme hike is a beautiful hike from the Scex Rouge mountain station that leads up to the 3’016m Dôme. It is quite possible that you will hold your breath for a moment, when you get to the top: Because when you get to the so-called man of stone, the view onto the glacier, the valleys far below and the Diablerets peak is simply breath-taking. This view is worth every effort! That is why hikers returning from the Dôme are so relaxed – because once on top, they completely forget their worries.

Scex Rouge (2’940 m)
Dôme (3’016 m)
Scex Rouge (2’940 m)
1,5 km
1 h ↑ 1 h ↓
mid-July through October
easy to walk alpine trail