Reusch–Scex Rouge

Through the wild landscape

From Reusch the trail goes through spruce forests, passing bubbling mountain streams and rushing waterfalls up to the heavenly high plateau Martisberg. The wild landscape at Martisberg and in the Oldental offer a stunning alpine flora. The marmot colonies, as well as the high cliff walls and giant mountains peaks, are the main attractions on this hike. From the SAC hut Cabane des Diablerets, the alpine trail crosses the glacier and continues on to the Scex Rouge mountain station where you can enjoy a culinary break. The cable car to the valley station departs every 20 minutes and the hike back down takes about three hours.

Reusch (1’330 m)
Cabane SAC (2’500 m)
Scex Rouge (2’940 m)
9 km
5 h ↑ 3 h ↓
mid-July – October
alpine route for athletic hikers