Reusch Oldenhorn

With a view onto the eternal ice

A spruce forest and scenic waterfalls line the mountain trail from the valley station Reusch up to Oldenalp. After the wild and mineral-rich Oldental, comes the Oldensattel, which is very close to the Tsanfleuron Glacier. During the final steep climb of this challenging hike of over five hours, your gaze will naturally fall onto the eternal ice – and will be magically attracted by its beauty. Upon getting to the Oldenhorn (3’122 m), a spectacular panorama consisting of 24 peaks over 4’000 metres of the impressive Alps will open up.

Reusch (1’330 m)
Oldenegg (1’835 m)
Oldenhorn (3’122 m)
8,2 km
5,5 h ↑ 3,5 h ↓
end of July – October
the first part is a steep alpine route
the second part is a steep mountain trail