Snowpark Glacier 3000

THE meeting point for freestylers between November and early January

Its high altitude location allows the snowpark to open very early in the season. It becomes a meeting point for freestyle ski and snowboard enthusiasts in the fall.

Glacier 3000 is one of the few destinations that already has a full snowpark in November. It attracts freestylers from all over the world between November and early January. This is one of the most spectacular training spots in the entire region, ideal for beginners, experts and pros. The slopestyle season of the Swiss Freeski Tour and the Audi Snowboard Series is launched here, with the first stage taking place in November each year. Managed by Ravach Parks, a worldwide reference in the field, the snowpark offers an uncompromising freestyle experience to all its visitors. 

Set up 2022:

  • Beginner line: several whoops, 3 jumps with  kick on each, 4 boxes.
  • Intermediate line: 2 jumps, 4 boxes.
  • Expert slopestyle line: 2 jumps, 11 rails.

Behind the scenes of the snowpark 2021

with Ben from Ravach' Parks


Live openings

Cable Cars

open Col du Pillon - Cabane

Col du Pillon - Cabane

open Cabane - Scex Rouge

Cabane - Scex Rouge

open Glacier - Scex Rouge

Glacier - Scex Rouge

In preparation
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