A high mountain domain with runs from 3'000m to 1'200m

Glacier 3000 is a very famous spot for demanding freeriders. The snow is guaranteed because of the height of the area and the runs are numerous and varied, ranging from 3'000 to 1'200 meters.


For all the tours outside the marked routes, we advise you to take a guide:

  • Dôme Peak (3’016 m) – Les Diablerets Village (1’200 m)
  • Pierres Pointes by Restaurant Botta (2’971 m) – Col du Pillon Valley Station (1’546 m)
  • Various descents in the Martisberg area (2’525 m)
  • Both Oldenegg downhill runs to the valley (1’919 m) – Reusch (1’350 m) Chrotti and Büdemli
  • Nägelikelle (2’400 m) – Oldenalp (1’840 m)


The fascinating beauty of the high mountains also entails risks, such as crevasses, avalanches, snowstorms, sudden fog or strong sun. Outside of the marked routes, each person is responsible for himself. Here, proper equipment and knowledge of the risks are imperative. Glacier 3000 accepts no responsibility for descents outside of the marked routes and trails that have been prepared and opened by its piste service.

Please note that for your freeride adventure, it is necessary to:

  • Know the avalanche dangers
  • Carry and check your equipment: avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe, airbag and cell phone
  • Acquire basic knowledge of alpine hazards and what to do in case of emergency