Snowpark Glacier 3000

LE point rendez-vous des freestylers

Always aim high! THE highlight for all freestylers: the Snowpark in the glacier area at 3’000 metres. The alpine conditions ensure enough snow and an incredible feeling of freedom.

Glacier 3000 is one of the few destinations that already has a well-maintained Snowpark in October – and draws freestylers from around the world between the end of October and beginning of January. The ideal training spot for beginners and pro riders is one of the most spectacular in the whole region. With a first class team made up of snowcat groomer and shaper Arnaud Terrier and of shapers Fred Würsten and Fred Couderc, great moves and jumps are guaranteed: thanks to cool line rails, tanks, kicker jumps, flat tubes and a lot more.New in 2020, an expert jibline of 8 boxes was designed by Ravach Park in collaboration with Swiss Freeski and Leysin Park.



  • 4 tables
  • 2 hips
  • 1 ligne de 8 modules
  • 1 module gap transfer


  • 8 tables


Ouverture des installations en direct

Aujourd'hui 24.11.20 (Scex Rouge, 2971m)
-0.1°C / -3.6°C
Vent: 27.8 km/h
Quellenangabe: meteo centrale

Neige fraîche: 0 cm
Me -3°C
Je -4°C
Ve -6°C
Sa -4°C
40 cm
Hauteur de la neige sur le domaine skiable
Etat de la neige

Dernière chute de neige 21.11.2020
Neige fraîche sur les pistes (depuis 24 h): 0 cm

9/28 km
Pistes ouvertes
Remontées mécaniques ouvertes

Etat des pistes: bonnes

6/7 km
Ski de fond classique
6/7 km
Ski de fond skating

Altitude du domaine de ski de fond: 2’800 - 2’840 mètres au-dessus du niveau de la mer

Peak Walk by Tissot
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Alpine Coaster
Fun Park
Promenades en traîneau à chiens
Glacier Walk
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