Ski Tours

Sensational Ski Tours for Beginners and Professionals

A ski tour is defined as climbing and descending a mountain off the prepared slopes. That sounds pretty amazing. And it is more than just the wonderful feeling that one experiences. The freedom. The space. The athletic kick. The luck of being the first to make a trace into the untouched sparkling powder snow. Ski mountaineering is a very special winter sport that continues to attract more and more people. For a good reason: a ski tour is something good for body and soul, it increases circulation and clears the head. In addition, skiing in pristine snow increases the fun factor.

Unique Ski Tours at 3’000 metres

Glacier 3000 is the perfect starting point for numerous tours of varying levels of difficulty, such as onto the Arpelistock (3’035 m) or Oldenhorn (3’123 m). A ski tour in a glacier area is a unique experience in nature with an unsurpassed beautiful panorama, both for beginners and professionals. Ski mountaineering requires special touring skis. In addition to weatherproof clothing, a safety kit is essential in case of an avalanche. We also recommend that you hire a local mountain guide to accompany you.