The Olden Slope

Open every day starting from December the 12th, depending on the conditions of the day

The winter conditions of the last two weeks allow the opening of the Oldenslope on Sunday, December 12th. This 7-kilometer long black slope and 1200 meters of altitude difference is open daily, depending on the conditions. 


Live Opening


open Oldenpiste

Olden Slope

open Red Run

112 - Red Run

open Scex Rouge

110 - Scex Rouge

open Scex Rouge - Croisée

111 - Scex Rouge - Croisée

open Croisée - Dôme

103 - Croisée - Dôme

open Dôme

108 - Dôme

open Dôme - Tsanfleuron

104 - Dôme - Tsanfleuron

open Tsanfleuron

105 - Tsanfleuron

open Quille

106 - Quille

open Retour Scex Rouge

109 - Retour Scex Rouge

open Reusch

100 - Reusch

open Espace débutant

Beginners area

Cable Cars

open Col du Pillon - Cabane

Col du Pillon - Cabane

open Cabane - Scex Rouge

Cabane - Scex Rouge

open Glacier - Scex Rouge

Glacier - Scex Rouge

open Oldenalp - Oldenegg

Oldenalp - Oldenegg

open Oldenegg - Cabane

Oldenegg - Cabane

open Dôme


open Tsanfleuron


open Quille du Diable

Quille du Diable

open Borer Scex Rouge

Borer Scex Rouge

open Col d'Audon

Col d'Audon

In preparation
Last Update: 26.01.2023 - 15:30