New slope Cabane - Pillon

A new black slope will open for winter 2022-23.

The Pierres Pointes sector will reopen its doors to skiers next winter with the opening of a new black slope. A tunnel crossing the Rocher Jaune is under construction this summer to link the summit of the Scex Rouge to the Col du Pillon via Red Run, Martisberg and this new slope.

  • Tunnel : 265m long
  • Slope length : 3km
  • Difference in altitude: 1'000m
  • Steepest part: 41°

Construction work

During the construction work, the following adaptations were made to ensure the safety of walkers, climbers and workers:

  • Hiking trail Reusch - Scex Rouge: on the Martisberg slope, trail slightly deviated to avoid the construction area. Instructions on the spot.
  • Hiking trail Pillon - Cabane: will be closed from August 1, 2022 until the end of summer 2022
  • Via Ferrata Rocher Jaune / Tête aux Chamois : closed for the whole summer 2022